2014年4月23日 • Mind & Heart







Title: The Fun of Being a Little Selfish, When Living Alone

I am 28 years old, and for the first time in my life I will have my own apartment that I pay for entirely with my own money.

It’s a nice feeling, if also a scary one. I’m not sure if I am doing this sort of thing later than most people do, or earlier, or if it even matters. Especially in the U.S. I think it is becoming more and more unusual for people to have the money and circumstances to live alone. Even if you live in a cheaper city, by the time you can afford a one-person apartment, you might be in a relationship that means you are living with a person you choose to rather than roommates out of financial necessity.

I’m glad that now that I have the chance at my very own space that I don’t have to share right away. Even though I know that these are simple everyday things–living in an apartment, owning furniture, being in control of my own space–it feels exciting because it’s new. I’ve always slept in beds that my parents or the dorm or the sharehouse already had. I’ve always used dishes that my roommates already owned. I’ve always had other people roaming in my same space, so if I put down a glass in the living room it might be somewhere else, moved by someone else, by the time I see that glass again. How fun to be able to pick my own bed and dishes and everything else according to whatever I want. (It’s not as fun to pay for them, but there’s no way to escape that.) How weird but nice that when I put things down they will stay exactly where I left them.

Though I would never say that I have spent all my time up until now doing things for other people, or that I haven’t had a chance to really choose what I want, this new little bit of freedom is nice. I can be selfish in really mundane, silly ways. This space can be just how I want it, and I can feel more comfortable and at home because of that.


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