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「すごくおいしそう! どこで買ったの?」という私のコメントに対し、彼女も同じようなコメントを返してくれた。彼女がオススメのショップにも足を運んだこともある。






Title: I Give the Best Gifts to Myself

I Give the Best Gifts to Myself

In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I started talking online with a Japanese woman who often shares food pictures. She and I bonded because we were both posting the same photos: of the Valentine’s chocolates we had bought for ourselves.

“That one looks good! Where did you get it?” I would comment, and she would do the same to my photos, and once or twice I went to shops she recommended.

Sometimes it seems like people in the U.S. uniformly hate Valentine’s Day (we don’t have White Day, but I bet they’d hate that too). People who are in relationships feel pressure to do something especially nice on this day but aren’t really sure why. It’s not their anniversary, it’s not a real holiday, it’s just some day that someone told them they have to be romantic on or else their relationship is doomed. That sounds way too stressful to me. Meanwhile, everyone who is single feels like all the Valentine’s promotions, and jewelry, and candies are shoved in their face as a reminder that they don’t have a partner. That sounds pretty stressful, too.

I’m single, but I don’t mind Valentine’s Day. I’m fine with White Day, too. There’s no reason for me to worry about having no one to buy gifts for, or having no one to buy gifts for me. I’m perfectly capable of getting gifts for myself, and I always know exactly what to get me.

I think the ability and willingness to give yourself nice gifts are important skills to have. I’ll always appreciate the people who are in my lives, be they partners or friends or family. But the person who will literally always be with me, is me, so I should be as kind to myself as I can be.


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