2014年6月18日 • Friendship, Health


例えば「」というウェブサイト。アメリカなど英語圏の国々で人気が出て、今では日本でもフォロワーがたくさんいる。このサイトを通じて、グループで集まってヨガのようなアクティビティを一緒に楽しめるようになっている。特に「Enjoy Yoga at Park – Tokyo&Chiba」というヨガのグループは人気があって、初心者でも気軽に参加できて、青空の下リラックスしながらヨガをすることができる。

暑くても天気が悪くても、室内で快適にヨガが行えるスタジオも多くある。例えば、代々木にある「アンダーザライトヨガスクール」。このヨガスクールの魅力は、英語でもヨガのレッスンを受けることができるところ。iPhone / iPad向け英日二カ国語対応ヨガ・アプリ「YOGA SENSEI 」も提供していて、クラスに行けない時や、家でヨガをしたい時にぴったり。アプリを使ってしまうと実際のクラスにあるコミュニケーションはないけれど、それでも健康維持につながるので欠かせない。




Title: Be Brave: Explore Yoga and Meet New PeopleYoga is an increasingly popular way for people to relax and be healthy, but it’s also been a good way for me to be more social and meet new people. With winter far behind us in Japan, there are a variety of ways to get out and try yoga for the first time while getting to know people from all sorts of backgrounds from all over the world. is a website that’s popular in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries, and it has a big following in Japan, too. The site is for groups who want to get together to do just about any activity, and the yoga groups are especially popular. “Enjoy Yoga at Park” is one of many groups that arranges regular yoga classes that beginners can join, and everyone can get together to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

When it’s too hot or rainy to go to the park, there are a variety of indoor yoga studios to choose from. Under the Light yoga studio in Yoyogi is nice for me, because it offers bilingual instruction. They also have a smartphone app in both Japanese and English called “Yoga Sensei” for when I can’t make it to a class or just want to do some yoga at home. It’s not exactly social, but it’s good to keep in shape between classes.

I’m usually a shy person, and I have trouble going to events where I don’t know anyone, and even when I do go I have trouble speaking to people first. But in a way, going to yoga in the park or bilingual classes is reassuring, because I know that I am not the only one there in that situation. At the very least, we have “wanting to try yoga” in common—so how hard can it be to introduce myself and start a conversation, really? This doesn’t exactly cure my shyness, but it helps, and it’s made joining events and meeting new people easier.

Whether you’re a yoga expert or you’ve never tried it in your life, Tokyo and other big cities in Japan have more and more resources to practice yoga. If you see me at a class, please say hello!


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